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Raising Babies. Building Legacies.
Visionary Mom Circle

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read that right!

Visionary Mom Circle is the place to raise our precious babies AND build the legacy we’ve been dreaming of. 

Visionary Mom Circle is a professional– but definitely not uptight- community where entrepreneurial millennial moms network, find support, and navigate growing a business and being mom. 

We are whole-ass humans and tired AF trying to “balance it all” as our babies watch and take it all in.

We deserve a community that shows up for all of it.

Join us as we gather with other visionary moms to network, connect, and inspire each other while gaining the tools and resources you need to grow your business and build your legacy.


a community just for US!

Are you tired of communities not giving what they’re supposed to give?


You have found your people

Join our inclusive and supportive community of entrepreneurial millennial moms for a safe
space to vent, cry, be yourself, learn, and be a badass business owner all at the same time.


Longing for a

real connection?

Hey, I'm India!

Like you, I’m an entrepreneur, wife, and a mom– a girl mom, to be exact. I worked in HR for a few years. When my first daughter was born, I wanted to stay home with her full-time, so naturally, I stalked the internet for days– at work and home– on how to make legit money from home. 

That is when I started my business, India Brown Business Solutions and began working from home full-time. 

In 2020, my second daughter was born. 

And me? 

I found myself home with two daughters, trying to balance motherhood, entrepreneurship, and marriage with no one to talk to or understand the grind of it all– all in the midst of a pandemic. 

All of my friends were still in corporate jobs or stay-at-home moms. And the Facebook groups I joined. Girl– either too old or too young, with no kids– just a whole different conversation.

That’s where the idea of the Visionary Mom Circle started. A dream for all mom business owners to have a space with resources that inform and empower them as mothers and business owners.

I get it. The hustle is real. And I don’t mean the hustle to the top (although you might, and that’s cool too). I mean the hustle of deciding to take a nap, shower, eat, or work in peace. That mompreneur hustle. 

No cap; you don’t have to choose between being a visionary and a mom. You just have to surround yourself with those of us who get it. 

And in this circle, we get it.

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When you join

you get the following:


You better speak on it!

Celebrations, teething babies, working at night because you couldn’t during the day, business wins, escaping to Target and Starbucks for some peace. You name it, we’re here for it.

No matter what you are building

there’s a place for you at our table.


$ 23 Monthly
  • Access to the Visionary Mom Circle Community
  • Monthly Book Club
  • Business Directory Access
  • Job Board Access
  • Weekly Coworking + Play Dates– Yep, kids allowed!


$ 49 Monthly
  • All of Manifest
  • Masterclasses for all things mompreneur
  • Monthly Live Mentoring Sessions
  • Monthly Goal Setting Workshop


$ 97 Monthly
  • All of Manifest & Prosper
  • Quarterly Swag
  • Ad Spots
  • Monthly 1:1 with India


Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely not! Visionary Mom Circle welcomes all mompreneurs. Whether you are a FT mompreneur or transitioning from your 9-5- we’d love to support you wherever you are on your entrepreneurial journey.

This community is FUBU (For-Us-By-Us). This community is only for millennials. Why were there no communities that focused on motherhood and business? We believe in holistically supporting you- so that means in business and motherhood.

All members will have access to join the directory. By listing on our directory it will help expand your reach and give your brand the exposure it needs.

Love books and personal development? We take the guesswork out of deciding what to read. Each month, we have a specific theme. We will pick a book that that caters to both business and motherhood.

Something not covered here? Feel free to get in touch.

Ready for an open-minded, fun-loving, and supportive community that grows your business and levels up your mom skills?

Join our community today!


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Are you a brand? Let's chat.

We love partnering with badass brands almost as much as we love when new women join our community! 

If you’re a brand that aligns with our mission + values, hit us up. We’re always looking to partner with brands that empower and equip entrepreneurial millennial moms. 

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